Can a Court Decline to Enforce a Business Settlement After an Arbitration Process?

Are you unhappy about the settlement that your small business obtained from a larger company during an arbitration process? Read on and discover some of the circumstances under which you could ask a court of law to rule that the settlement is unenforceable.  Doubts About the Arbitrator's Impartiality The arbitration clause in the agreement that your small business signed with a larger company may have given the large company the right to select an arbitrator in case there was a business dispute that developed in the course of the two businesses relating with each other.

How to Protect Your Intellectual Property as a Small Business

You work hard to be creative in your small business and come up with unique ideas. It would be unfortunate to have someone else steal those ideas before you are able to claim them as your own. This is why you should always protect your intellectual property every step of the way. Here are some tips for doing that. Learn About Intellectual Property Intellectual property encompasses any creations you have made on your own, whether it is a logo or tagline you created for your business, or an invention you made that you intend to patent and sell.