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Advice From Family Lawyers on Communication During and After Divorce

Divorce can be quite emotional, especially if it is not an amicable separation. However, during and even after divorce proceedings, it may be necessary for the parties involved to communicate with each other.

With property settlements, child support and custody and more matters to take care of, effective communication is a must. Here are some tips from family lawyers on how to tackle communication.

Limit Communication to the Important Issues

You may want to argue with your ex-partner for their role in the divorce, but this is all unnecessary and will more than likely end in unpleasant temper flares. What you should do, instead, is to ensure that you stick to the very important issues that you need to discuss.

If you are talking about child support and custody, then make the best effort to ensure that you do not divert from this. Preparing for these conversations and having your talk points ready will help to keep you in check regardless of whether you are having the conversation in the presence of family lawyers or not.

Stick to the Channel That Works Best for You

Do you find that you are more confrontational during face-to-face meetings with your ex-spouse? Do you keep yourself in check better when communicating through email? Ask yourself these critical questions so that you can find a communication channel that works best for you.

Many family lawyers feel that it is best to stick to what works best for you. Once you have identified your preferred channel of communication, let the other party know and ask that you limit all communication to said channel.

Practise the Pause

Your family lawyers will advise you not to be too quick to send out, or otherwise reply to any communication. Take some time to internalise the message you are passing across, and the consequences that it will have on your matter.

One nasty email sent in a moment of anger could very well be used against you at your child custody proceedings. Unless it is a matter that requires an urgent or immediate response, you should take remember to pause and take as much time as you need.

Use Your Lawyers to Communicate

It could be that you don't trust yourself enough, or that you don't have enough time, but regardless of the reason, you can always communicate through your family lawyers. If you go with this option, ensure that the family law expert can easily access you and that you communicate well with them.

A divorce is stressful but you don't have to go through it alone. To learn more about family law, contact a divorce attorney today.