Sole Parenting Responsibility In Australia

Sole custody often crops up when parents divorce. However, most parents do not quite comprehend the concept. Below is a piece discussing sole custody, commonly known as sole parenting responsibility in Australia.  The Australian Family law awards equal parenting responsibility to parents who wish to dissolve their marriage. However, some parents opt to raise their kids on their own. If this is your case, you apply for sole parenting responsibility at the Family Court. [Read More]

Family Law: Reasons to Leave Your Divorce Process in the Hands of a Solicitor

Regardless of how friendly your divorce process seems, you still need the assistance of a seasoned legal practitioner. For example, you and your spouse might not agree on a fair child support and visitation plan, which might bring about disputes in the future. Besides, you might share your marital assets disproportionality, opening up a stream of other challenges later on.  That is why it is advisable to leave your divorce process in a solicitor's hands. [Read More]

Advice From Family Lawyers on Communication During and After Divorce

Divorce can be quite emotional, especially if it is not an amicable separation. However, during and even after divorce proceedings, it may be necessary for the parties involved to communicate with each other. With property settlements, child support and custody and more matters to take care of, effective communication is a must. Here are some tips from family lawyers on how to tackle communication. Limit Communication to the Important Issues [Read More]

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Lawyer

A lawyer is a critical component of any business. However, some business people will only hire a lawyer when they have a court case. In this essay, you will learn why your business needs a lawyer.  1. Compliance.  When starting a business, you need a lawyer to evaluate the scope of your operations. A good business lawyer will ensure that you do not break any laws regarding zoning, licenses, product processing, storage and copyright. [Read More]